Site Study: Ocean Towers

with Siri Hermanski.

01_Ocean Towers    02_Ocean Towers03_Ocean Towers04_Ocean Towers05_Ocean Towers

Through an exterior analysis of Ocean Towers, the building was viewed as a living human organism, using the metaphor of bodily processes and features interchangeably for building systems and formal qualities. We drew and constructed multiple plans, sections, and elevations, as well as a Rhino 3D model based entirely off measurements we obtained from never entering the building. In doing so, we learned how to interpret, from the outside, where the modes of egress were, how the single loaded corridor worked, and how we might use known measurements to express unknown elements.

Ocean Towers is rebranded as the “Bond Girl” of the West End: a 1960’s James Bond palette to match the retro white concrete fins and stunning sunset views.

06_Ocean Towers

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