Site Study: Marine Drive Residence

01_Marine Drive 

Marine Drive Residence is one of several the residence tower dwellings for upper year students studying at UBC. In this study, a “dwelling space” determined as the area occupied by one person in the apartment is drawn. The common space and shared bathroom are “known” spaces, leaving the other two bedrooms and storage space the 13th floor west-coast-modern-floor-to-ceiling-windowed-ocean-viewed-apartment out. After a rigorous measuring, a projected plan, section, and axonometric began a long love affair with the axonometric that eventually evolved into a long term relationship with it’s exploded cousin.

The A-B section is unfolded from the reality of the space, which in plan, occupies a sideways “L” shape, but in section, read to me more as one long horizontal box expressive of the open kitchen/living room space. Furthermore, the roommate’s room has been ghosted out to suggest a knowledge deficit of the contents of her room, playing nicely into the line weight exploration.02_Marine Drive

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