Rome: the Monumental & the Mundane Exhibition




Sketches featured in derive a Roma, including frontpiece, exhibition curation, organization, and precis by Myself with support of other artists in exhibition: Jasmine Chen, Salma Kashani, Rosa Newman, Nilou Sabihi, Andy Wang with the generous support of our instructor, Daniel Millette. Exhibition photography by Nilou Sabihi & Ivan Kuptsov.

Rome is forever at the keystone of architectural and religious pilgrimage and study. As a result of resistance to and attempts at modernism, Fascist urbanism in the EUR, a controversial Meier memorial, and a sterile and futuristic Zaha Hadid gallery also make up Rome’s rich fabric. My directed study (derive a Roma) interpreted our daily 8 hour walks as psychogeographical derives around the city informed by moments of modern and classical collision. Where an ancient ruin projects from a park
or restaurant; where cobblestones meet the pavement, became moments of delight and study.

The subsequent curation of our works – sketches, video, sculpture, and photography – around the theme of The Monumental & The Mundane was arranged in a fashion emulating Sir John Soane, evoking nostalgia for Italy and the artist’s studio.

The exhibition took place in November 2012 at the AMS Art Gallery at the University of British Columbia.

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