Hybridculture: the UBC Farm

The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at the UBC Farm is currently undergoing a visioning process requiring a new Farm Centre encompassing a unique world class research facility in the context of an urban farm.

Hybridculture at the UBC Farm operates at the interface of the institutions of agriculture, commerce, and academics as a public farm and a living laboratory. Landscape, agricultural field, and built form mutate into hybrid spatial and programmatic adjacencies that are supportive and affirming of each other. With everything under one roof, public realm meets private need in the Farm Centre. Horizontal field and vertical structure overlap. Wild and cultivated ecologies intertwine in the landscape and urban and agricultural scales and programs collide. As a modern institution, the familiar is continually questioned, compared, exploited and re-scripted to reveal new perspectives and understandings.

The landscape leading to the farm undulates through the forest to create new eye-level spatial experiences, showing how one might experience the space as a bird, squirrel, or bee. Native and edible plants are explored on the forest floor. As an extension into the new Wesbrook community, streetscapes are planted with productive kale and cabbage-scapes and fruit trees congruent with the University and the Farm’s mandate to turn all land into a living laboratory.

Further Projects